Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, I am only 3 weeks late, which is better than never, right?
This guy I know just turned 6.... And in the annals of birthdays, it was another one for the record books. He got a party with his friends at the pet store and a party with his family at home. Both had cake and presents, so I say they are equal.

So far, I am liking six. He seems like a pretty cool number. Not too cool to hold my hand while crossing the street, but cool enough to rock the air guitar while listening to head phones. Still curious about his world, but the questions are deeper and more in search of explanation of social customs and our role on the planet. Six understands that whining doesn't get you anything (though he still tries), and Six understands that little sisters can totally play along. (It helps that little sisters like to pretend to fight bad guys, I guess)
Six is no longer a baby, but will still accept hugs and kisses (and even give them out). Six can read! Six can spell a few words, but hasn't quite mastered grammar.
Six draws pictures for his friends, cuts out hearts for me, and dreams of being all kinds of awesome when he gets big.
But you know what?
Six is pretty awesome right now.

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Anonymous said...

Well this is my favorite post of the year.

- Uncle Jono