Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A week...

A week is all it takes, really, for your life to change.

For the better: I got to spend time with the Lovely Karlee (whom I have known for 12 years). I have been instrumental in getting a book-writing photographer to come (in January) to where I live and photograph veterans of the Korean War & WWII. My boss is in Ethiopia in the process of adopting 2 children, doubling the number of children in his home that he will teach, and love, and guide.

For the worst: A dear friend's mother passed away after years of illness. And so there will be a wake, a funeral, and a luncheon. My kids are at their grandparents, so they will miss out on this opportunity to see the celebration of an amazing woman's life.

This week is when we as Americans are supposed to stop and take stock of all that we are thankful for.
I am thankful for a family (both through blood & marriage) that fills my children's lives with love and joy.
I am thankful for friends who pull together through good times and bad.
I am thankful for my job, which I love, and my boss who has given me the opportunity to pursue this dream.
I am thankful for strangers who open doors and smile at me on the street.
I am thankful for a full pantry.

What about you?

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