Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy (almost) new year!

You know what I've noticed?
When I stop making lists that include "update blog", updating doesn't happen.
Sorry about that, interwebs.
I resolve to become more obsessive about blogging in the new year.*

To tide you over:
Christmas eve I am trying to get Fion to GO TO BED. Mostly because we are rapidly approaching MY bedtime (yes, grown woman with a bedtime--oh the glamour) and I had endured a hair-raising drive home on icy/sleetly/snowy roads and had not yet had the opportunity to yell expletives into my pillow.
So I explain to Fiona: It is Christmas eve. Santa is coming! With presents! But he cannot come if you are still awake so laydownandgotosleepNOW.
And she responds: Oh! I have to get some sleep so Santa and Batman can come.

Santa and Batman: partners in law enforcement and gift delivery....

*This is not true.
I will blog when the blogging spirit moves me.

And now I'm off to the other blog to talk about the rediculousness of life.


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