Tuesday, February 08, 2011

last week

Last week it snowed a bit. The official total was 20 inches, but with the drifts (and my aversion to the cold) I didn't venture out to measure.
Adrian was able to go out and tromp around a bit, thanks to his snowshoes. I made snowshoes for Fiona but she didn't grasp the marching-instead-of-walking aspect and wound up tangled & frustrated. She tried to navigate the snow, but it was nearly waist-deep and gave up.
We baked and made valentines. On Blizzard Night we lost power for 6 hours. The house was remarkable at staying warm. I suspect if the wind had not been blowing at 45 MPH it would have stayed warm for quite a while.

The dog was baffled, but has since overcome her distaste and is using Adrian's snowshoe trails to circumnavigate the yard.

And Fiona helped in the kitchen. I love the enthusiasm of little people when it comes to preparing foodstuffs.

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