Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Three more days until I am on a plane bound south for a solo long weekend. I am so excited I could spit.
Relax, I have a no spitting in the house rule. (add THAT to the long list of things I never thought I'd have to make rules about. It should go between putting peanut butter on the dog and testing your gag reflex)

The kids will be on Holiday at the in-laws (thanks, guys!) starting Thursday--or tomorrow's tomorrow as we have dubbed it. Adrian informed me that holiday at Nana and Papa's is "out of control" and that it has "changed a lot since the last time you went, Mom". It's always so funny to hear these little old man phrases come out of his scrawny 6 year old frame.

This afternoon Adrian was playing with his Star Wars Lego set, which provided Fiona ample opportunities to use my favorite mispronunciation OF ALL TIME. Are you familiar with C3PO? Do you recall his little blue and white beeping buddy? According to Fiona, this guy's name is:
R- TootyToot.
It gets me EVERY TIME.

But back to me! Because really, I can talk about me all day (if by all day you mean for 15 minutes).

I will be flying to Birmingham, AL to stay with Aunt Carmela (one of my favorite people of all time in the whole universe). While there I get to see my cousins Kelsey and Katherine (man, what is it with this family and names that start with K?). I imagine food and wine and sleeping in past sunrise.

And I am going to try very very hard not to think about how "out of control" the kids holiday could possibly be.

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