Friday, July 08, 2011

So far behind...

Hello all!
We have returned from our trip to Washington DC to visit my parents (and brother and friends). One night at dinner Fiona turned to my dad and said: Papa D, you're a funny old goat. (I very nearly shot tabbouleh out of my nose)
As I left my camera sitting at home I do not have a single picture. Half depressing, half oh well.
We saw museums (LOVE LOVE LOVE The National Museum of The American Indian), fireworks, and splashed in the pool.
My mom and I dreamed up a farmy future in the wilds of Maryland with bees and chickens and sheep. (Somewhere in there I'll have time for tattooing, too)
I have brought the laid-back flow of vacation home with me, which is both good and bad.
It has resulted in bypassing trips for groceries for time spent in the garden* and laying around with iced tea for time spent making art.
I suppose I could start anew next is Friday already, after all.

I hope that July is treating you well!

*there is a disturbing lack of insects of all kinds, from bees to lady bugs to butterflies. It makes me want to track down whomever is using pesticides and tell them to KNOCK IT OFF. I have resorted to pollinating my squash plants with a paintbrush.
Suburbia is quickly losing it's charm.

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