Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hay y'all!

I'm not sure when last I posted, as I have been merely riding along the crazy train that has been my life for the past four weeks. (Four months?)

Big man is in baseball, which is a huge commitment compared to t-ball. Practices are twice as long & twice as often. We haven't even had the first game & he has already decided he doesn't want to play next year. He's decided he's more of a "science guy", which is totally cool, but we're going to try a few other sports (basketball, swimming) before we rule out physical activity all together.

Little miss is not involved in anything, because with my working evenings, there aren't enough bodies to shuttle two kids to two separate locations. She's really getting the short end of being a younger sibling, poor duck. Once baseball is over, we'll have them both enrolled in swimming and possibly another activity--because I don't know that I can handle all of the referee duties that come with summer break!

I have been working, and trying to find a new place to work, and making art, and teaching at a women's retreat, and getting ready to officiate a wedding, and getting the garden in order, and reading for book club.

Next time, there may be photos--if I get around to uploading them off of the camera. (We went to the zoo last weekend and I got a couple of good ones!)

TTFN--TaTa For Now!

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