Thursday, June 07, 2012

It's Summer Vacation!

This past weekend, we went downstate (260 miles downstate) for a wedding, and to visit friends who had relocated there.
Breakfast was REAL bacon--from the butcher, not the grocery store. And farm-fresh eggs! 
After breakfast, we got to out and meet the menagerie.

This is Gracie Lou. She's a four month old Death Valley Burro. She lives with two goats named Jose and Cuervo (who would not stand still, thus no photos). I took a bazillion photos of her because she's so cute, but I'll spare you the vast majority of them.

Look at those lashes! She was shy, but curious.

Fiona was standing still long enough for me to take pictures of her face! That's Aunt Lydia behind her.

How do you haul water and feed? Miss Patti uses a golf cart! The kids thought this was the most excellent mode of transportation. Adrian has asked for one every day since we got home.

I think Miss Patti enjoys it, too.

Next, the kids got to go and meet Hobo, Miss Patti's new horse. He's not yet ride-able, but that is the goal for the future.

She had the kids up off the ground to pet Hobo, in case he got spooked.

But he seemed to really enjoy the attention, and the kids enjoyed it too.

These are some of the hens that Patti is raising. They aren't layers yet, but should be come fall.

This one is an Easter egg chicken. Guessing from the tail, I suspect it's a rooster not a hen.

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