Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Back in the day

Hello to all you party peoples.

It's been busy 'round here, and I apologize for leaving you in the dark. Adrian has gone through a few developments that have left me a little pressed for time (and sleep). This past week he mastered rolling from his tummy to his back, and can go from his back to his tummy but has yet to put the two movements together to complete a full roll. He has also discovered his feet, but I don't think he realizes that they're his feet. And his newest development: dropping all of those lovely newborn signals for "I'm hungry". So how do we know he's hungry now? Because he goes from playing and laughing to crying (sobbing like he's on a Spanish soap opera) in less time than it takes to blink. This one is going to be a real crowd-pleaser, I'm sure.
I've discovered that the best toys are the ones that Adrian claims on his own. This morning he was entertained for 7 whole minutes by a bottle of Ibuprofen. (He can't pick his nose, let alone maneuver open a child-proof cap) Another favorite is a large, plastic, green, Army man who is daily drowned in baby saliva. This particular toy used to belong to my brother (hi, Jono!) and made the journey to Oklahoma as a stowaway in the Big Blue Chair. Aaron discovered the Army man as he was dismantling the Chair to be taken away by the garbage men. The Big Blue Chair is a story unto itself, but the short of it is this: the Big Blue Chair was an arm chair purchased by my parents sometime between 1983 and 1987. The chair has moved from Birmingham, Alabama to Arlington, Virginia (3 separate houses there) to Salem, Virginia to Tahlequah, Oklahoma to Lawton, Oklahoma where it met it's final resting place. This chair was the place where I'd put all my clean laundry in highschool to keep it off of the floor.
As near as I can figure, the green Army man had been living in the bowels of that chair since 1993/94 until his liberation last winter. I had fully intended to mail it back to my brother in one of his care packages, but that's no longer an option. Adrian has developed a fondness for the Green Army Man (as he has come to be known), which he plucked from my desk last week.
So there you have it; molded colored plastic entertaining children across the decades.
And to tide you over in the photo department until I can get photos of Adrian up: pictures of myself and Aaron as wee ones.


Anonymous said...

Well that Big Blue Chair gave its fair share of value. We do have a penchant for buying big, overstuffed furniture and putting it in small spaces. Do you remember that it came with a big blue footstool. That footstool became a play surface. Many a battle between Jono's teenage ninja mutant turtles and the green army men were fought over that blue footstool - when your "my little ponies" weren't having their parties there. Now its all gone. (insert taps here). But I see great things ahead for this little general. Miss ya.

Your Da.

Anonymous said...

awww... I am sad to hear of the death of the Big Blue Chair.