Thursday, February 03, 2005

Remarkably good natured....

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Adrian has been remarkably good natured for a kid who hasn't pooped in TWELVE DAYS. Who broke my baby?
Did you break my baby?
And we've followed all of the pediatrician's recommendations...except for the one about not worrying about him not pooping in 12 days.
Because what kind of parents would we be if we didn't worry?
Somebody call the Guinness book of records and see what the record is, because I'm quite sure we're about to break it.
I'm incredulous.
Somebody get me a partridge in a pear tree and some eggs.
(Because those things have to do with the number twelve, see?)

Thirteen by the time most of y'all read this.
Seriously, was it you who broke my baby?


Anonymous said...

Twasn't me, I promise....

What is up with your kid and the not pooping? ;-) But, I promise, I didn't break him.

Anonymous said...

Errr, I mean to sign that, but got a little ahead of myself.

Have I told you yet that he is fantastically handsome? ;-)


Gretchen said...

Maybe he's so good-natured because he realizes he's breaking some sort of world record in the non-pooping department. Maybe that's his goal, and he realizes he's right at the brink of fame and fortune.