Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hair everywhere!

I have always had the kind of hair that gets into everything. Not unlike living with a dog or a cat--you find hair in the most unusual places. But recently my hair has begun to abandon my head with reckless glee. (Yes, I imagine that the escaping follicles have emotion)
Due to the fact that my hair has always been found everywhere, we have a hair trap in the bathtub to prevent unneeded clogs. Last night after my shower it looked like I had drowned a hamster in the hair trap.
I don't have any bald spots or a receding hairline...But by the amount of hair that I loose while showering, combined with the amount of hair innocently pulled out by Adrian, combined with the hair that is found ALL OVER THE HOUSE I should be bald by now.
Any day I expect to wake up with a coif looking not unlike Albert Einstein in his later years.


Anonymous said...

Hair loss is normal 3-4 months after you have the baby. It has to do with the changes in hormones and all the crazy stuff that your body is going through right now. Don't worry about it, it should stop after a little while. Anyway, I'm sure you'd be beautiful bald too.


Gretchen said...

I lose hair like crazy--and I don't even have pregnancy as an excuse. It just comes out. Everywhere. I knit it into scarves. I find clumps of it stuck to the sofa cushions. My mother-in-law just found a "dingleberry" (that's what she called it; she means a little poop) hanging out of our cat's butt, and do you know what it was attached to? A hair. Coming out of the cat's butt. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

From your Da,

You don't remember that you have always shed hair? We used to argue about the plastic strainer thingee I put in your shower to keep me from having to quarterly unclog the drain. You get it honestly - your mom sheds hair from her head like crazy, too. Yet, 25 years later, she has just as much on top as she did back when we first started dating. Don't worry about it.

Love ya.

Your Da.