Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Amazing Human Animal

We tried Cheerios with Adrian last week.
At first they were just fun little bits to push around the tray and deposit on the floor. But then! A Cheerio found it's way into his mouth. He rolled it around until it was smooshy enough to swallow.
Ah, he seemed to say, these are for eating.
Day two of Cheerio madness consisted of picking up cereal bits and having them slide out of his mouth as he tried to suck on them.
Day three of Cheerio madness was the day that made me marvel at the human animal. Witness:
Adrian sitting at highchair with Cheerio on tongue, gives me a perplexed look.
I mime chewing.
Adrian mimics me. The Cheerio is squashed between his toothless gums and swallowed.
The light goes on behind his eyes.
Every Cheerio since that one has been gummed to it's demise.

People are so cool.


Jono said...

That's the coolest thing i've heard all year. i can't wait to teach him all sorts of stuff. it wont be anything too horrible, dont worry.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute, I hope we get to see him soon, Love, Gresat grandpa Dick