Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Project Sleep Deprivation

O-kay. I'm back. Life (I think) has returned to normal.

Witness the last few days:

Saturday, April 9:
Adrian, oh screamy-screamy of the loudness and much nap skippage, why do you torture us so? Is it the change in your sleeping situation? Is it that you are teething? Do you have gas? Here...have some gas drops and tylenol. Feel better? No?

Sunday, April 10:
How can you wake up every 2 hours to eat? How are you not full? Where is my baby, and where did this bottomless pit with a mouth come from? How can you call 15 minutes a nap?

Monday, April 11:
Seriously, kid. How are you not full? You've had two extra bowls of cereal in addition to your regular bowl and 2 1/2 ounces of peas. Why aren't you sleeping? How can you eat and eat and grow and not sleep? Where's the sense in that?

Tuesday, April 12:
Not. one. nap.
But he did go to bed at 8:30 (and up at 11:30 and back to bed at midnight) and sleep until 6:15 am...

Wednesday, April 13:
Regular morning nap, regular afternoon nap...
plus a bowl of oatmeal, some applesauce, and peas.
Now it's time for bed.

Cross your collective fingers for us.

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Jono said...

I think, much like his uncle, he's learned the advantages of not sleeping. such as there's always time to do stuff. the only reason people say there's not enough time in the day is because nearly half of their day is spent just lying around! of course insomnia does lead to i dont know how valid my opinions are.. but nonetheless my fingers are crossed
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