Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bye bye!

(Photo) Seventy-twoth street Posted by Hello

We pass by this sign on our morning walk and it always makes me giggle. Tomorrow will be our last chance to see Seventy-twoth street before we have to pack up and head out.
It's been a strange few years here in Oklahoma. There are things that'll be missed: Roses in December, Korean restaurants, the nice cashiers at the grocery store. And there are things to which I say good riddance: Summer temperatures over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit), car stereos so loud that the windows of our house vibrate, large dogs running loose in the streets, the way the carpets smell when it's humid (a cross between a damp wool sweater, mildew, and cat urine).
It's been quite a trip, Oklahoma.
Thanks for the memories.


Anonymous said...

DUDE??!! WHERE ARE YOU? I miss the pictures of my god son!


Becky said...

It was fun getting to know you while you were here in Tahlequah. You will be terribly missed. Be safe and take care!