Friday, May 06, 2005

Letting the feline out of the suitcase

Since it's immanent, I may as well go ahead and make it public.
We're blowing this popsicle stand!
Yes, within a matter of days (DAYS, do you hear?) we'll be headed north-eastward to spend some time with Aaron's folks in Illinois. I say "some time" because the length of our stay depends on a number of factors--none of which I'll be sharing with you, nosy internet.
All of this leads to some serious anxiety on my part, as I happen to be uncharacteristically anal retentive when it come to moving--and I will not be around when the packing of boxes occurs. I just feel that I should know the contents of a box before I even open it, which admittedly leads to a very odd packing scheme.(Measuring spoons, cups, muffin tins, jello molds, candle molds, crayons, coloring books, bubbles, and a pink sequined star wand all go in a box together. In my head, this makes sense) Also, I've never had to move as a household before, so it's probably best that professionals will be handling all of the boxing & shipping. It's a good thing that I have a baby to distract me, or I may have to take up biting my nails--something I gave up in the first grade.

So yes! Illinois, here we come!
Brace yourself.

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