Monday, May 30, 2005

Checking your calendars?

Don't bother.

It is indeed Memorial Day, and Adrian is indeed 7 months old. And I have yet to write his monthly update. I'll get there, but I'm working on a tiny laptop keyboard that belongs to my much-traveled mother in law. And when she goes out of town for work the computer goes too. Factor in that we're on a dial-up connection, and I miss my speedy internet. As well as missing my photo editing software. We're "getting around" to setting up Aaron's computer and subscribing to speedy service, but until then just bear (grrrowl) with me.

We've been to all kinds of neat places in the area: farmer's market, gardentown USA, the walking paths along the Mississippi river. And you too will experience them once we get around to it. It's a lovely area, and so far above Lawton, OK in terms of teeth-to-head ratio.

I've got to go work on dinner (Indian food-yum,yum!), but keep checking in and I promise not to disappoint those of you with patience.

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