Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In Review.

Hello, Internet.

I have been extremely tired of late and I have been using my spare baby-free moments to nap instead of sharing with you. I figured you'd understand. Here is a rundown of what you have missed.

Thursday, June 30:
We took Adrian to visit Grandpa at work, where Adrian had his first display of stranger anxiety. To be fair, it was loud and there were lots of new faces. After that we went to a late lunch at the Olive Garden where Adrian ate 2 coasters (as part of his pre-circus training) and was then so bored with the whole ordeal that Aaron and I had to eat in shifts. One of us would walk with Adrian while the other ate. (Have a baby: Never eat at the same time again!)

Friday, July 1:
I don't remember Friday. I know it was there and I lived through it, but I honestly can't tell you what happened. I changed diapers and fed the baby (oh what a glamorous life I lead).

Saturday, July 2:
Our baby likes pork! We ate ribs, and fed scraps of pork to Adrian as he leaned forward with his baby-bird mouth wide open.

Sunday, July 3:
We attended a dinner cookout thrown by neighborhood friends. Adrian again showed a little bit of stranger anxiety, which was quickly forgotten when he met a man with a moustache. Moustaches are fascinating to our wee man. And that night, I was terrified out of my skin. It's funny now, but not so much then. A play by play, just for you:
5am: Aaron & I are sleeping. There is a cat asleep at the foot of our bed, which is usual protocol for us. I, still sleeping, hear cat fighting noises (which will be explained shortly). Then I hear Aaron screaming--I snap my eyes open and he is sitting bolt upright, eyes wide open--so wide that I can see the whites all the way around his pupils. He looks terrified; so I start screaming--then he screams again--so I scream again--and then he's holding me going "it's okay, it's alright, you're okay". My heart is going a million miles an hour, I'm shaking and completely freaked out. We hear cats fighting all the time, as Ming the Merciless refuses to accept the fact that our cats now live here too. We hear Ming beating up on our cats all hours of the day and night, and usually one of us will just grab the old fleabag and put him outside for the time being. So I thought, when I heard Aaron screaming, he was just trying to get the cats off of the bed so he could grab Ming. But when I saw the look of terror on his face, I was so startled all I could do was scream back. I have never, in all the time I've known Aaron, seen him get scared. He loves scary movies, spooky stories, and the like. Apparently, when the cat fight started, he was having a nightmare and the cats were fighting right on top of his feet, so his dream carried over into this reality.
Our screaming was so loud, Nina stuck her head in the door to make sure nobody was dead and we woke the baby.
Yeah, so that was awful. Funny in retrospect, but you couldn't pay me to do it again.

Monday, July 4:
We went to a block party, watched fireworks on TV and called it an early night. I was still jumpy from the night before, so I went to sleep with the light on while Aaron stayed up talking with his family.

So I guess the big news is that even though I have never been so scared in all of my life, those Kegel exercises really work.


Dayne Carstens Burton said...


Hey Aaron and family! This is Aaron's old buddy Dayne here..heard a rumor that y'all were visiting the Q.C. or even moved back to the area (by way of one Kent Heath) just curious to see what's goin on with you and would love to hear from you. it's been a few years, has'nt it? you can reach me at (309) 786-9652. we have much catching up to do. I'll behave. i promise!! peace!-dayne

Eric Sholl said...

Wow!!! What a beautiful baby! I actually had one about 16 months ago too. If y'all are back in the QCA it would be great to hear from you. I am an accountant at a steel mill that is about 50 miles from here but I live in RI still. My number is listed under my maiden name though... maybe I'll run into y'all and we can have a BBQ with Sweet Baby Ray!

PS. You'll bring the pudding right?