Sunday, July 10, 2005

Somber man

(photo) So serious. Posted by Picasa

Lately Adrian has taken to making the most serious of expressions, which also make him look slightly like a drug-addled teenager. It's very funny to me because he can't yet speak, so I get to put words in his mouth.
"Mother, I am filled with ennui"

Of course, I think knock-knock jokes are funny, so you probably shouldn't take my word on it.

Adrian seems to have an odd sense of humor, too.
Things he finds funny: when Aaron smokes a pipe; throwing rocks; spitting.
We're living a life of high culture indeed.

(I am up past my bedtime! This now fills me with a sense of dread rather than the sense of glee from my youth. Another sign that I'm actually one of those grown-up people.)

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