Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More evidence that babies eat brains.

So, we went to Birmingham and here is a list of everything I remembered to pack:

for Adrian:3 sets of jammies, 3 onesies, 1 tshirt, 1 pair shorts, 3 pair socks, 4 bibs, 52 diapers, diaper wipes, desitin (aka baby butt cream), teething ring, 2 plastic blocks for banging together, jingly lion toy,plastic chain, sunshine rattle, 1 book, quilt, lightweight blanket, lamby blanket, plastic spoons, formula, bottle, bottle liners, cheerios, graham crackers, diced peaches, and empty ziplocs for dirty things.
for me: 2 pair pants, 1 skirt, 3 tshirts, 1 lightweight sweater, 3 pair socks, 3 pair underwear, 3 bras, extra pair of shoes, and jammies.

List of things I forgot to pack:
sippy cup.

That's right. I can remember to pack a jingly lion toy but I can't remember to pack the stupid camera.

Thankfully my brother Jono had brought his digital camera and he promised to send all photos my way. And I will be harassing him via email until he does so.

The trip was good, other than the fact that Adrian had diarrhea the entire time and developed his first-ever diaper rash. In spite of these difficulties, he was a charmer and now has a whole host of girlfriends in the Birmingham airport.

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Anonymous said...

Son't worry my daughter. I didn't pack a camera for the trip either.

Your Da.