Sunday, June 04, 2006

Journey to Virginia: day one

(Drinking Gagah's iced tea)

Here I am to recap what-all everyone missed while we were away because I was truly on vacation. Technology, I refuse to be at your beck and call.

Day one
We get up at our usual time (5:30ish a.m.) after washing of faces and packing of last minute items (toothbrush, breakfast) we are out the door to the airport. Aaron is chauffering(it's a verb now, baby!) us, as I cannot manage airplane check-in, baggage, and an eightteen month old with an insatiable curiousity in the mundane.
We arrive at the airport and our plane is running slightly behind, but that's okay-by-me. It allows us a more leisurely pace through security and not one but two bathroom stops. (It's the coffee, okay?) Then we hang out at our boarding area, where Adrian meets-and-greets all of his future constituents (or voters in American Idol season threemilliontwelve). After a snack of applesauce and a diaper change it's on to the airplane!
I honestly don't remember anything about our flight. I know it wasn't traumatic and that's good enough for me.
Mom (aka Gagah) picks us up at the airport. We take the toll road back to Chez DeCarlo, where Adrian has a quick lunch and then a crappy nap. Or no nap? It's all a little fuzzy at this point. I do remember that his first 24 hours of sleep away from home were truly wretched.
In the afternoon, there's outside play time with the dogs (Mosby aka Bees, and Blaze aka Baze), a tasty dinner courtsey of Gagah, tubby time, and much requesting of Papa D.
Papa D arrives, and there is great showmanship on the part of young Adrian: watch me throw this ball, watch me spin in circles, watch me climb this chair. All of this is to the chorus of "Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa!" Then it's bedtime! Or to hear Adrian tell it, it's time for the paper-cut and lemon-juice treatment.
Oh, the screaming and the sobbing and the general dramatics.
After an hour and a half of carrying on he finally falls asleep. (Makes you really want a baby, doesn't it?)

Tomorrow: Find out what time Adrian wakes up! Hear about the nap that was too short! Learn about how nothing stays the same or proof that I am really an old lady in a young shell.

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