Thursday, June 01, 2006

Travel: it kills me.

(Adrian and Jono)

I often fancy myself to be an intrepid explorer of places uncharted (uncharted by me, that is) But this past week kicked me in the teeth.
I am wore out. And it was so loverly that the whole thing ended with more! airline! problems!
Due to weather, we sat in an airplane on the runway for nearly TWO HOURS before air traffic decided to cancel the flight. TWO HOURS of keeping Adrian entertained, keeping him from kicking the seat in front of us, keeping him from running in the aisle like a baby posessed. The stranger sitting next to me was so kind and so helpful and I didn't even get his name or get to say: thank you, angel from heaven in a grad student's body.

Despite all of that, Adrian kept his cool and we were able to get on a plane at 6:30 this morning and come home.
And I have many photos, which I will share once this cold oozes it's way out of my head.


Anonymous said...

actually, that would be a picture of the trees in focus and me and adrian doing our best to ruin your artistic portrait of the scenic backyard

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back safe! I still see a resemblance between these two! I'm sick and fly out to Phoenix early Sun am..don't want to job is truely killing me. Grandpa Dick is having surgery issues and goes in again on Monday and's very serious. If you could strong arm your husband into calling him it would mean a lot. Gary has his cell number, miss you and hope to see you soon!