Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Journey to Virginia: day two

Day two
The day started nice and early--5:30 a.m. eastern standard time.
I cursed the singing birds and the jingling dog tags and the sun.
But Adrian was awake, so our day began. Breakfast was had at the kitchen table, and then it was baby away!
This was when I started to notice that he was much less a baby and much more a little person. He required less of the hovering-style supervision and more of the mindful-from-a-distance supervision. It was an improvement.
Gagah and Papa went to work, and Adrian and I found ourselves keeping busy with toys and the out-of-doors. I think that a sliding screen door and a fenced in back yard are definately high on the list for our next home. Then it was lunch, followed by nap.
Post nap, Gagah returned home from work and there was much playing to be done. By playing, I mean travel to and much money spent at DSW (a shoe heaven). It was grown-up playing. Adrian enjoyed running up and down the aisles and throwing away trash, as well as playing peek-a-boo with another bored boy.
Then we returned home, fed baby, bathed baby...and then I left the grandparents to put the baby to bed. I walked out the front door...To have dinner with the fabulous Emily and her fiance Steve. We ate at Whitlow's on Wilson (which has been in Arlington as far back as I can remember--they used to advertise their brunch on the back of the church bulletin), then strolled down a block to the Galaxy Hut. Where I discovered a few things that shocked and pained me:
they had painted.
2.our bartender wasn't working there anymore (granted, it's been 4 years, but come on!)
3. they were doing karaoke. At my bar.
The bar that used to house wicked indie rock bands and be painted black with white spots that suggested constellations. Now it sports silver walls and has karaoke. Plus everyone there looked like they were 12 despite the "21 and up" sign posted on the door. It pains me that my once cool hole-in-the-wall bar aspires to more. I enjoyed it's lack of pretention: the unapologetic bathroom graffiti, and the "patio" (a glorified alleyway with green plastic lawn furniture). Another reason I could never move back to Arlington.
Being the old lady that I am, I was home by 11. And I only had 2 margaritas.

Next installation: The day I drove, and sat at stoplights, and drove some more! Plus Richard Gandee, Cat and Kym Davis make guest appearances!

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Nessa Mulheren said...

Richard Gandee, Cat, and Kym Davis tend to do that...by the way, I've been thinking of why it's impossible to just say "Richard" when referring to Richard Gandee, and I think it's because the Lord of the Rings has trained us with the repetition of "Sam Gamgee"

Sam Gamgee, Richard Gandee...yup. I blame Tolkien.