Monday, August 07, 2006

Vocabulary explosion

Adrian has been repeating words and making little sentances for the past week.
The cutest thing he has begun saying: love you. Except it sounds like "wuv yew". Yesterday he went around to all his stuffed animals, picked them up, hugged them and said love you.
It was so cute I almost threw up.

He also says things like "love Dada". And he calls Lunchbox "pretty girl" (which sounds like "pree gur") because Aaron calls her pretty girl. He enjoys "kimeing" (climbing), cookies, rays (raisins), and coloring. He says "hi neighbor" to our neighbors, and will tell you that birds are up up up (like the moon, Dada, Papa and Nana--I think anything over his head qualifies as up up up)

Papa D is now "Papi", he has a Gramma blanket and a bear blanket, he likes to watch the Muh Show (Muppet Show), and he can name all of the regular Sesame Street characters, but he likes Big Bird the best.

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Mrs. Dymund said...

Rowan says, "Yuvoo," and it almost kills me.