Thursday, April 05, 2007

Don't raise my hackles

A.D. and I were in art class the other day and he's standing in line waiting to wash his hands. The little girl who has just finished her turn is being carried away from the sink by her mother and she reaches out and smacks A.D. in the face. She smacked my sweet boy in the face.

I have never wanted to hit someone else's child before.

Adrian was stunned but didn't cry--he looked puzzled. The girl's mother told her "say you're sorry" the girl said "no!" and Adrian said "sorry".

I have never wanted to hit someone else's child before.

The mother apologized, but it doesn't make up for the fact that her child hit my child unprovoked. And the fact that there were no consequences for this behavior. Lucky for that woman I have self control, or it would've been all who's the biotch now?! at the Gymboree.


Anonymous said...


Incredible! I don't know what to say. I don't think I have been this upset in a while. I wish I had been there because there would have been a throw down.
Parents who don't parent cannot be allowed to raise socio-paths.
Strong words?
That is what that "person" (there certainly was no "mothering" involved) did by letting here child get away with an EXTREME anti-social act.
Where does it end with that child -unexcused lethal force?
Raising you, your mother and I tied to teach you about weighing consequences as the basis for self-control on your own impulses. You got the lesson. Now teach it - be a consequence for that person and her child - at least get them warned or ultimately banned by the art class. Start a petition with the other Mom's regarding a "no-tolerance" policy for that kind of behavior.
Ostracize her and her child.
And have Aaron teach A.D. the fine art of defensive shin kicking.

Love you. Your Da

Thinking In Vain said...

That's another reason on my list that people should have to take tests to have children.

You should've smacked the mother.

I like the petition idea.

Miss you.