Sunday, December 30, 2007

The never-ending christmas!

December 22: Christmas I. Gifts from Grandparents Flecker, Aunt Toots and Great-grandma Flecker.

December 24: Christmas I 1/2. Presents from Nessa & Sandy, and Great Grandparents Schablow.

December 25: Christmas II. Presents from Grandparents DeCarlo, Aunt Carmela & Uncle Steve.

December 28: Christmas III. AKA the Puetz family Christmas.

This year was, in a word, ridiculous. I can only hope that we aren't setting his expectations too high.
I remember the story my high school English teacher used to tell about her childhood Christmases: they got an orange. and one present. and some pocket money.

I feel...strangely guilty that we're able to do this much celebrating. I know that we're really lucky to live when and where we do, and to have so many lovely people who care for us the way they do. I feel like there's not quite enough words to tell you all how much I appreciate all that y'all do, how much I appreciate the way you make Adrian's face light up, how loved I know he feels when he's around you all.


Godmama Nes said...

Did he like the fuzzy wormy things? I thought they were brilliant! Yay toys that force a kid to use his noggin!

Wordpress Blog Design said...

Looks like the little guy had a lot of fun!