Thursday, January 29, 2009

48 hours. Of minor mayhem.

Hello to all!

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I love animals. I learned the unpleasant and hard way the ultimate truth of NOT caring for animals when I was in elementary school--they were hamsters. I regret that due to my ineptitude they became ex-hamsters sooner than they should have. But again, I was 9 and I learned a valuable lesson: domesticated animals can't take care of themselves.
We currently have 2 cats and I have been lobbying for a dog since Aaron and I got married.
I would say let's get a dog!
And he would say NO! I have been bitten by dogs! On the butt!
And I would say but that was years ago! And you do have a very cute tushie!
And he would say my tushie is quite awesome, but we're not getting a dog!
And I would say but I love dogs!
And he would say but they are terrifying--teeth out of nowhere!
Then I would list all the dogs with which he has had a good teeth-free relationship.
And he would go yeah, but we can't have a dog now because a) we have babies b) we are renting c) dogs are terrifying.

Well, we are no longer renting.
And Adrian is 4.
And the apple of his eye, Fiona Leigh, keeps saying "i need dogs". He has been outnumbered, outvoted, and has given in. (hooray!)
Thus the great dog search of 2009 has begun. Last night we went to the animal welfare league shelter. Rows upon rows of dogs, leaping at their cages, barking their fool heads off. The whole time, Adrian has his hands over his ears and Fiona is clapping her hands exclaiming "yay! dogs!". We met 3 dogs that we thought might be a good match. The first dog was a one and half year old male hound dog mix. He was the size we wanted and was reported to be good with cats and children. It was hard to tell because his tail was tucked between his legs the whole time, and the look on his face was "please don't hurt me". It was so sad. The second dog was a 4 year old female, she was friendly, playful and sweet...and had been handed over because she had snapped at her previous owner's child. And the last was a large male black lab. He was a giant spazz and kept knocking Fiona over. She didn't mind, but I could just see him inadvertently destroying the whole house.
So that trip was a wash. We looked again on petfinder and contacted a few rescue groups, but as Aaron says we aren't looking for A dog, we're looking for THE dog.

And then there was today. I went to the dentist. I like my dentist. Sadly, he only does root canals I have a new dentist. He looks like a cross between Jason Bateman and Rod Stewart. But he filled a cavity and I'm scheduled to go back next Thursday and get 2 more filled. And then, because I have hit the dental jackpot! I have to get a root canal/crown and I need my wisdom teeth extracted in the next 12 months. I am a lucky lucky girl!

As a result of todays novacaine, I spent the better part of today looking like a lopsided chipmunk. Aaron spent the better part of today trying not to laugh at me. He was mostly successful.


Karlee said...

I think you should get a rescued greyhound. Here are three reasons why:
1. They are lazy so will not tear down the house.
2. They are usually gentle.
3. They are fluffy cuteballs that aren't particularly slobbery.

Jono! said...

when we got Blaze he had a similar disposition as the hound you visited. he seemed very skittish and unsure with us, but once he became familiar with his new domesticated setting he fit in perfectly. but i think karlee is on to something with that greyhound idea...