Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hey! It's 2009!

Farewell 2008--you were bittersweet, memorable, and left quietly.
No, really. This was the first year in the 4 that I've lived in Chicagoland that the New Year wasn't marked by gunfire. I love my new house. My neighbors rang in the year banging pots and pans. At this point, they could fling dog turds into my yard and I'd be ok with that because it doesn't involve firearms.
I am excited for 2009. New president! Adrian goes back to school Monday! Fiona turns 2! And I am a bread-baking fool. I love that book! Witness the first loaf from the oven:
It was delicious, smeared with marmalade. The kids had theirs with Nutella. And we ate the whole loaf. Nom nom nom.

From our family to yours:
May 2009 bring you awesomeness like...

trees made of playdoh and...

crazy hair.

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