Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey! It's really cold here. And there's snow. Lots of snow. And it's warmer in Oslo (Norway) than it is here. It's so cold, in fact, that they have cancelled school tomorrow. Enjoy some pictures of our snow, taken through the windows of our house.

The sunset out the dining room window. It was the most color we had all day.

This is the snow engulfing Adrian's tricycle, as taken through the kitchen window.

Our lamp post out front, wearing a hat of snow.

The railing on the front steps. Note the wicked looking icicle.

Winter white everywhere. brrrr.


Amber said...

Bah, ya crazy Northerners with your freaking Canada snow!

I'll stay down here in the subtropical range, thank you very much!

Keep warm, chickadee. ;)

Lynanne said...

It's warmer in Oslo, Norway than in the Midwest US most of the winter. :) My husband likes to point this out every time I tease him about polar bears walking the streets of Oslo (his hometown). Last week, though, it was colder than both than the North AND South Poles.