Monday, September 20, 2004

Rice Krispy Treats for the Weary!

A brief segment with political figures:
I just received a photo over email of one of my high school classmates being chummy with John Edwards, the democratic VP candidate. The title of the email was "Cool Hunh? He's Really Hot"...And since you never know with a title like that I decided to open the attachment (don't try that at home, kids!). And there she was, in all of her gorgeous natural-red-headed-glory standing next to John Edwards and smiling a smile that says "look at who is standing next to me". I decided to write back to the friend who so kindly passed the photo along, and I said that I agreed that John Edwards is easy on the eyes. It was at that moment that my husband glanced over and read aloud off of my screen "he really is cute", before making one of those funny noises that he makes when he feels that he missed a big step in the logic process. So I re-opened the attachment and I said "See? He's cute in this photo. Don't you think he's cute?"
In response I got a blank stare, and then a view of his retreating backside as he went to the kitchen to refill his glass. Apparently the physical attributes of presidential hopefuls is not something that grabs his attention.
Now to the real story of the day! Wherein I extol the virtues of Rice Krispy Treats in all of their glory.
So my younger (and only) brother started college this fall, and in my continued efforts to be a good sister (before falling off of the Earth as a result of my parently burden) I thought I would make a care package to send Lil Buckethead at college. Mom suggested chocolate chip cookies, but I am 8 months pregnant and far too lazy to go through all of that trouble for something I am not going to eat. Not to mention the fact that fresh baked chocolate chip cookies have the same effect 'round here that a bucket full of chum does to sharks. So I thought for a while and came up with an equally tasty solution: RICE KRISPY TREATS. They're sweet and crunchy and make for really good breakfast eats. But those tasty, sticky treats are also much coveted in this house. The only solution: MAKE A DOUBLE BATCH. Which I did this very afternoon. You know one of the most endearing things about Rice Krispy Treats? The entire recipe can be made in the microwave--which means (in theory) that Buckethead can make his own and I can eat all the goods from today.
So, anticipating my husband's delight at the treats, I made a double batch. And I am here to report that I may have not made enough. After dinner, the man sat down and devoured 1/2 a tray of the goods.
Now, I am not one to berate a man for eating Rice Krispy Treats, especially because they were a major staple of my diet in the late '90s. I am however astonished with the speed at which those marshmellowey, buttery delectables vanished. (this is me being astonished)
And here are the many virtues of Rice Krispy Treats:
They are so easy to make, trained monkeys could do it
They are a perfect meal for any time of day
They are salty AND sweet--which we all know to be a winning combination
They are made with a very noisy cereal (which means that no one could ever steal your rice krispy treats while you innocently watch television in the next room)
They go equally well with coffee or white russians.

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