Saturday, January 29, 2005

Update: 3 months!

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Sweet Adrian,

Today you are three months old! It's hard to believe that 13 weeks ago you were living inside of me.
This past month you've really begun to shine. You insist on sitting up (with assistance) whenever the opportunity arises, which means that play time is now twice the work for us as we have to keep you from tumbling over with one hand and parade toys in front of you with the other. You've taken to clasping your hands in front of you which is very cute, but not very good for holding things--you've knocked yourself in the face a couple of times while clutching your rattle and trying to clasp your hands. Another new development is that you rub your feet together when you're happy or excited about something--a trait you apparently received from your Grandpa Flecker. We call it your "cricket feet". In addition to that you've amassed a few other noteworthy nicknames:
Mister mister (Courtesy of your father, usually used when you're fussing)
Sir Hiccupson the Gallant (You get the hiccups regularly...It's fairly amusing)
Dr. Ion (from A-dr-i-an...dr. i. an...Dr. Ion! We figure you can use it if you ever become a super villain a la Marvel Comics)
Wee Man
Lizard Boy (You stick your tongue out like you're tasting the air when you get hungry)

This month you've also taken to "talking" to your father when he gets home. He then talks to you in various accents, which you think is hilarious. I really enjoy your shrieks of joy in response to his rendition of an Irish Brogue. You usually converse back and forth while you stand on his lap, clutching his thumbs for balance. You're not nearly as expansive when you babble at me...I suspect that your first words will be to your father. I love to watch the two of you interact.

You and I spend all day together; eating and napping in the morning and then eating and going for a walk or playing on the floor (depending on the weather) capped off with your monster afternoon nap.
You've become more aware of your environment, but don't yet have the ability to explore it on your own--which means that I spend most of my day as a toy-prop. Your favorite two toys are a book with pictures of animals in it and a rattle in the shape of the sun. I know that you enjoy these because you babble and do cricket feet when you see them. Other toys get 15 seconds of your attention, but those two work for 3-4 minutes each. We've tried the Baby Einstein: Baby Bach video but you'll only watch from someone's lap and only for a few minutes at a time.

Each day with you is a joy. Which isn't to say that I don't ever feel exhaustion or frustration (because then I'd be a robot), but your sunny disposition really takes the edge off of not being able to eat or shower or brush my teeth until you drift off to sleep.

We love you, wee man. Happy 3 month day!

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Anonymous said...

AWWWWW :-) HURRAH for the 3 month mark! :-)

(Wow, has it really been 3 months? Where did the time go?)

::hugs:: and love,