Tuesday, January 11, 2005

They came, they saw....

(photo) Nap time! Posted by Hello

They came, they saw, they babysat.
They being my family.
It was good to see them, and it was nice to have the help around the house. Especially because Adrian, after a nine day poop hiatus, decided to poop for Grandpa. And FYI: a kid that only poops once every nine days can FILL a diaper. I think I may have to invest in some of that biohazard tape to affix to the back of his diapers--that way no one can say I didn't warn them.
The visit was pretty easy for two reasons: Adrian is now on a fairly predictable schedule, and I don't feel the need to impress my family--they've seen me at my worst, so a few dust bunnies and me in my pj's isn't likely to move them in the least. I see my in-laws so infrequently that when they come to visit I want to organize a parade and serve tiny sandwiches on silver platters. It's not that they would expect or demand such treatment, it's just residual Catholic training to make a good impression.
Wow, this post ran away from me rather fast.
Back to the point: this weekend, I got to see my parents and my little brother. I enjoyed it, and not just because my mom cooked up awesome breakfasts every morning (thanks for that, by the way), but it was nice to see the interaction between Adrian and some of the people I love.


Gretchen said...

That's a great photo. Just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Good looking Italian family. Love, Great grandfather Dick