Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What time is it?

Hello All!

4 days until Adrian is officially 3 months old.
I just want to know: which of you is responsible for resetting his internal clock? Because I am going to find you and poke you with a very sharp stick.
Last night Adrian decided to eat every 3 hours...the night before he went to sleep at nine and woke up at 5:30am to eat. I really must say that I prefer the sleeping for a long time. Yes my boobs get full, and yes it's uncomfortable--but it's nothing compared to the dragon lady I turn into when I'm laying in bed like a soft-serve ice cream machine starving half to death because I've been burning calories making milk all night long. I got up at 5:30 this morning to shove a biscuit in my face and pour a glass of water down my throat only to return to bed and discover wee man wide awake.
WIDE AWAKE I tell you.
And how do I know that he was wide awake? Because he was talking to himself, and to me, and to the ceiling fan. And do you have any idea how cute it is to listen to a 12 week old baby babble and coo at a ceiling fan? It's hard to be upset about being sleep deprived when you're overwhelmed with that much cuteness.
I maintain that being cute is a natural defense mechanism.

And something completely random:
Who's bright idea was it to put pointy things in nursing bras? I nearly impaled myself when the pointy thing worked its way out of the side of my bra. (For the record that's 3 nursing bras that I have destroyed. My breasts are like supervillians in the underwear world.)

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Gretchen said...

Maybe you should invent a better nursing bra and patent it. You could market it as the no-pointy-things bra or something. :)