Thursday, June 23, 2005

Random, with love.

So, I'm using this new Body Shop(TM) shampoo, and now my scalp feels funny. Not funny like I have a rash, but...funny. Like I've acquired someone else's scalp, underneath my hair.
You may be wondering how I know what my scalp feels like. Well, when I read, I run my fingers along my scalp. It's my nervous-reading-habit, so back off me, yo. That got me to thinking about the nervous habits of my family & friends. Like the guy who twirls his forelock when he reads...or the nailbiter...or the knuckle cracker...I used to know this girl in elementary school who would suck her toes when she watched a movie. (I can't type that without gagging. ew.ew.ew!)
Adrian crosses his feet at the ankles, when he's not rubbing them together like a cricket. I wonder if this is something that he'll carry on to adulthood or if he'll just wake up one day and stop.

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