Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sunday Afternoon

(Photo) This is Iowa. Posted by Hello

This past Sunday we (Aaron, Adrian, myself, and Grandparents Flecker) went to Tabor Home Vineyards in Iowa for "Summer Blues in the Vineyard". Nina (Aaron's mom) packed us a giant picnic lunch, with massive sandwiches, tasty angel food cake*, china plates, silverware, and a tablecloth. It was fun, but I still can't shake the oddity of listening to the blues at a vineyard. Adrian seemed to enjoy himself, from tasting grass to sampling angel food cake to dancing on picnic tables. He's a wild man.

* Now, back to the angel food cake. Nina and I picked up the cake at the store on Saturday, and I was so concerned about the cake that I dreamt about it Saturday night. That's right, I dream of cake. I dreamt that strange people had just invited themselves over for breakfast and had eaten the whole thing before I had even gotten out of bed. And I wondered to myself, What kind of world are we living in where people will just show up at your house and eat all of your cake?
What kind of world, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

First: You are obviously deficient in cake. Get to that, woman!!!!!

Second: The hell? That place is obscenely flat! How can you stand all that... that... flat?! Heh.

~ Lyre