Wednesday, October 25, 2006

And then it was Wednesday

The party Sunday was a big hit, although D was sick and couldnt come. Adrian exhibited some fairly embarassing behavior telling us: AD no share!
I guess we have to admit that a two year old really will be harder than a one year old.

Other highlights from the past few days:

AD has decided that his calling in life is to be an Apache Helicopter pilot. This comes after he and Aaron spent an hour watching helicopter footage on youtube. (Thanks, big guy) I dont know how this will mesh with his current obsession with play-doh--every day he asks for "clay-doh" and then spends an hour or more smooshing it, rolling it, cutting it, putting it away, taking it back out. If there is an opening at the play doh factory for quality control, I think AD would be a shoe-in.

It"s pretty amazing to watch his little toddler brain in action as he dismantles and reassembles his surroundings. You can tell that he has a method and a purpose to every action, even if it seems as though that purpose is just to make me crazy. And we have those days, too. He will be the most onery obnoxious little shit and when I"m about 3 steps away from putting him on the train to join the Foreign Legion he will wrap his chubby little arms around my neck and declare: love you, mama!

And it works EVERY TIME.

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