Sunday, October 01, 2006

i'm contagious

I had always suspected that my hormonal surges were contagious, but now I have proof! Adrian has been unreasonably moody today--screaming when I put him down for a nap; coping an attititude when it's time to go inside--maybe it's that Aaron's out of town and he feels unbalanced in a single parent home, or maybe it's because I am suffering from a severe case of hormone-related empathy.

This morning we were watching Sesame Street and Ernie was singing the "don't want to live on the moon" song and I cried. Real tears. And later we were watching Narnia, and I had to turn it off because it was making me erupt into tears every 5 minutes or so. And I've seen it before, I've read the book, I know what happens. But apparently in my hormone-addled state, the fact that Santa returns after 100 years of banishment was too much for me to bear.

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Amber said...

Narnia made me weep, and Eric, too. So don't feel too bad! :)

I love you, darlin'!