Thursday, October 12, 2006

didja miss me?

Blogger is slow today.

Well, my fine friends I had planned to show you pictures of our lovely trip to the "beach", but you'll just have to check back later.

I haven't talked to y'all since the first, so a lot has transpired. In a random, as I remember it order:

Wednesday, October 4: Adrian and I drove to Rock Island, to stay with Grandparents Flecker. Adrian slept most of the way there, and was mostly well behaved when we got there. He discovered that he's tall enough to reach the water dispenser in the fridge door and gave himself quite the dousing. His words: Wet! Messy! Cold! Wet! That night Nina, Adrian & I went to Ducky's Lagoon for dinner. It was supposed to be Hot Rod night, but it was rained out. Adrian wasted no time in flirting with our waitress, and was rewarded with duck stamps, a tiny rubber duck, and a plastic duck call.

Saturday, October 7: Adrian goes to an Iowa Hawkeyes game with Gary & Nina and I drive back home. That afternoon, Aaron & I drive to Michigan City, IN to stay at Beachwalk. We got ourselves settled in, went for a walk on the beach: Sand! Water! Yay!
Then we went grocery shopping and out to dinner. At Red Lobster (thanks, Tootsie!) where my non-fish-eating husband ate: fried calamari, crab's legs, fried walleye, and grilled trout. I was very proud of him for trying new foods, and he didn't once turn green or throw up. Also, he experienced the magical cheddar biscuits.

Sunday: reading on the beach, lunch at the house, big nap, dinner, walk on the beach in the moonlight.

Monday: Breakfast, reading, lunch, outlet shopping (there was a creuset outlet! I got a 5 qt buffet caserole! I have been lusting after this particular piece of cookware for 2 years now), nap, walk on the beach, dinner.

Tuesday: Breakfast, Shopping at Attic Accents Antique Mall (which was good, but not as good as Coal Valley), Lunch at Eat at Moe's, where we met Moe himself. He was really friendly and the food was excellent. We ate so much that we didn't need dinner. If you're going to Michigan City, eat there.

Wednesday: we drove home. We tried to take I-94/I-80, but the traffic was horrendous and I made Aaron get off the highway so I could use the bathroom (which is no suprise to anyone who's taken a road trip with me before). We wound up taking back roads the rest of the way, and our 54 mile journey took us 2 hours.

Today is Thursday and I have many things to accomplish in the studio.
Tah, darlings!

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