Friday, October 27, 2006

one more thing

(for those of you who know us well, i'm sure you're surprised it's taken so long for this to come back around to a discussion of bodily functions)

When you're raising a child, you spend an inordinate ammount of time face-to-face with a variety of bodily functions. And our take on it is that if you have to deal with it, you might as well make it funny. Like when Adrian was a wee bairn and refused too poop for 11 days--we took to singing "hey, big pooper!" to the tune of "hey, big spender".
And now that we are in the full throes of toddler language acquisition, we are daily greeted with the mangling of common phrases.

Our new favorite is: drop a goose, instead of drop a deuce.

So there's your potty humor for the day.


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Amber said...

Hee hee hee...

My meemaw called them "BM" for "bowel movement".

'Go take a BM!' is an intense command to give a kid...dropping geese is much funner!