Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amazing pooch strikes again!

When you is a dog, lifes can be hard sometimes....

Last night around 1 AM, there was a growl & bark from the living room, where the pups usually sleeps soundly. Then there was a jingling of tags and really quiet barking while she ran to the back door.
This behavior is totally out of sorts for the dog who sleeps in when it rains, so I let her out to see what was what. I didn't see anything unusual but Rhianna-belle spent a good 5 minutes barking & growling into the dark.
Then when she came back in, I caught a whiff of a musky animal scent on the breeze.
She paced & grumbled for a while before settling back down for the night. And I was quietly amazed that this 50 pound pooch decided she needed to protect her home & family from animals that go stink in the night.

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Jono! said...

Amazing picture, she seems to have a lot of personality