Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photos for you!

These loaded backwards, so bear with me!
First the awesome climby tower in the backyard which recieves 4 small thumbs up. (And 4 big thumbs up, although we don't actually climb the thing)

And then there are gifts from the elusive but generous spiring time bunny. Adrian has it in his head that the Easter Bunny looks and is the size of your average pet rabbit. Which gives us questions like: How can he reach the gate lock to get in the backyard?

And here we are Easter morning prior to getting dressed & hunting eggs. The bunny was very into eyewear this year.

And the night before:
Nina cooks 2 dozen carrot cake cupcakes. We have run out of counter space, top of the fridge space, and table space to put them to cool. The solution: put them on the front step to cool.
Turns out we have theiving squirrels!

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