Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom! Come & gone.

My mom was here!
(Hi how are you, how was your easter, ours was quite nice, thanks)

She arrived on the 7:30 train Sunday night. Adrian & I picked her up and drove her to Chez Flecker-DeCarlo, where she was fed and entertained and sent to bed at a reasonable hour.

Monday morning, doom struck.
Fion woke up crying at 6:30 (early for her), because she had thrown up in her bed. She spent the next 10 hours being sad & listless and throwing up once more. Thankfully, Adrian took Granma to play and to the grocery store and they had a lovely time. We ordered pizza for dinner, by which time Fion was approaching her old self.

Tuesday, Fion still on the mend--problems out the other end this time. She is mostly cheery, but quite disgruntled that I won't let her have her favorite snack from the fridge (prunes). Dinner rolls around & it's french onion soup for the grown ups and chicken noodle soup for the kids. Fion has 2 helpings, while Adrian lays on the couch & brews a small fever. Sniffling & coughing ensue.

Wednesday: I am exhausted. I was up 3 times with the kids and 3 times with the animals. We can our plans of a trip to the zoo & opt for a trip to the pet store instead. Then I take the cats to the vet, spend more money than I see on a regular basis and come home to make dinner. My mom walks the dog (god love her). We have dinner, I get the kids to bed by 8 and colapse on the couch like something what colapses--lawn furniture, maybe?

Thursday: ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT. I contemplate nyquil for babies....Mom leaves at 8:30.

And we have done zero of 3 activities we had planned. And I have no pictures from this visit (just like the last time), and she didn't get to see the kids climb on their brand new super awesome backyard tower of fun.
I feel like the worst hostess ever:
welcome to my house! have some germs!

Sorry, Mom. Please come back. I'll have the kids on quarantine the week before.

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Nessa, Nanook & Pooka said...

camp beds. those things were BORN to collapse.