Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sunday, and why my house has a peanut butter surplus

Ok! So the snow has mostly melted and I am ready to stop crying into my Cheerios and tell you about our fun Sunday.

The first and third Sunday of every month, Adrian has scouts. Not cub scouts, but Spiral Scouts. Since he is wee, he is in the first age bracket, known as Fireflies. This is for kids aged 3-8, and anyone who has spent any ammount of time with children of this age will tell you: they are not known for their lengthy attention spans. To that end, we meet in each other's homes, and we keep the meetings short.

This past Sunday wasn't our turn to host, but the host family had their sump pump fail (doom!) so we had everybody here instead. We were working on our birding badge: we made nesting bags out of old mesh onion bags which we stuffed with dryer lint, yarn, twine and twigs. Then we made pinecone birdfeeders by smearing peanut butter on pinecones and then rolling that in birdseed. I had 6 children under the age of 9 with peanut butter fingers in my house and somehow I do not have peanut butter walls. (Will wonders never cease?)

Adrian loves scouts. I love that his group is a mix of boys and girls of various ages. I love that he can do projects to achieve a goal (a badge) and that he is gaining an understanding of his world in a fun & interactive way. It's also nice to be around a group of creative & fun adults on a regular basis.

Our next goal for the birding badge is to identify some of the birds that live in our neighborhood. We have robins, sparrows, a woodpecker, crows, cardinals...we'll see who else in the coming weeks!

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Karlee said...

You may find some interesting info here: http://www.birdday.org/