Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last weekend

We had a tent city! And, shock & awe, the kids actually slept outside all night. I was kind of hoping Adrian would bail so I wouldn't have to sleep on the ground. I have never enjoyed sleeping on the ground. And the older I get, the less I like it. This week, we packed up a big box and mailed it to New Jersey so we wouldn't have to check any luggage at the airport. Why are we going to New Jersey? To visit my bestest friend and her 2 ginormous dogs.
This will be Fiona's first trip on an airplane. I'm not sure what to expect from her. She's completely different from Adrian (aka adventure boy). She may be charming and delightful and really excited OR she could scream & cry & cling to me so tightly that she leaves little finger-sized bruises (true story). I will brace myself for the worst & hope for the best.
Also I am packing a bag of Mary Poppins proportions full of snacks & art supplies.
Can I take a glue stick on an airplane?
I am so excited! I have ants in my pants.
We leave Wednesday. Maybe I'll blog while I'm there, maybe I'll see you upon our return.

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