Friday, July 17, 2009

my train is broken

Train of thought, that is.
I start a blog post in my head before I even sit down at the computer. You'll have to trust me on this next part: in my brain I am funny and engaging and enjoyable.
But then...
I sit down at the computer. And that's when the train gets busted. Apparently the act of opening the computer cupboard turns Adrian into a chattering monkey boy. He will stand at my elbow and repeat himself until I acknowledge that he has said something. And then when he runs out of things to say he goes: what, mom? what? what did you say?
And I'll say: I didn't say anything.
And he says: no, before that.
(if this were a cartoon I'd run screaming & waving my arms above my head)

This weekend promises to be busy and hopefully not too rainy.
Saturday is the farmers market and friends over for a slumber party (moms & kids!). Aaron is working nights so we have decided to take advantage of his absence instead of moping around like mopey moperson.
Sunday is scouts & the Caribbean Block Party. Last year it was so hot I sweated off 2 pounds. This year the high should be 68.
68 in JULY.
This weather is a weird joke that I'm not getting.

Crap. Adrian is singing "sticky, sticky bubblegum" from the next room.
I hope I wont need the scissors.

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