Wednesday, March 09, 2005

eeeeeew and a shout-out

After a 5 day hiatus, Adrian pooped. It shot out of his diaper and up his back, so a bath was in order. And how come nobody mentions the explosive qualities of baby poo until it's too late to send 'em back?

(Now for the eeeeeew)
Why do Adrian's poops smell like mothballs? It's not like he eats mothballs, or anything mothball-related. And unless he has a rocket-powered jet pack, he's not going down to the store and helping himself to mothballs there either. At any rate, it makes him smell like an old man.

And the shout-out:
To my wonderful husband for dealing with the poop situation.
To Linkin Park and Jay-Z for putting the world's fussiest baby* to sleep.

* Yeah, 2 weeks ago, someone flipped Adrian's fussy switch to "on" and I can't get it to switch back to "off". This was at the same time that he stopped sleeping from 10pm to 4am and switched to sleeping from 10pm to 2am to 4:30am to 7am. What happened to my good baby? Where did this grunty, grumpy, old-man impersonator come from?


Anonymous said...

Dahling, move back over here. I want to see that adorable little explosive infant of yours, (my godson!), live and in person, and I REALLY want to see you too!!!!!

Please come?

Hugs you

Gretchen said...

Whoooo, explosive poop! Can't wait to have my own kids. ;)

Anonymous said...

He takes after his great grandpa Dick, you better change his Beer brand. Love, Dickie

Hanne said...

Congratulations with your baby,
Sounds like you are a great mom!!!
Hope too see you soon..hear you might move back here...
Kindest regards
Nes'es mom*