Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Happy dance!

We've done it!
Okay, we've half-way done it.
Adrian now sleeps in his own bed for naps and bed time! He still needs to nurse to sleep, but BABY STEPS people. He's only 4 3/4 months old.
You know what this accomplishment has done? (Besides making me feel like I'm not too bad at this whole mom-thing)
I now have time! Last night after he went to bed I cleaned the kitchen--I was going to work in my studio, but Aaron had a traumatic roach incident earlier that evening so we decided to scrub down the kitchen and create a less friendly environment for the grossest bugs in the world. SO GROSS.

As a matter of fact, that's where Adrian is now: napping.
Hooray for a baby that sleeps in his own bed! Hooray for time!

Update: after typing this post, Adrian decided to stay awake for 4.5 hours and scream at me for 3 of those hours.
Aren't children great?

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Anonymous said...

"Aren't children great?"
Yes. Yes they are. They grow up in the most delightful, amusing, frustrating and soul-searching, self-crucible of ways. In the end, you see yourself in them - the very best of yourself in totally unexpected and improved ways. You're both humbled and awed.

At least, that's what I see.

Love ya,

Your Da.