Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Update: 4 months!

Dear Adrian;

You, with the screaming, knock it off. That's right. You've discovered that screaming is a sure way to get our attention, and I'm here to tell you that there are other ways. Ways that don't make me want to go around with cotton stuffed in my ears. To sum up: if you can see me, you don't need to yell.
This month has been lots of fun for you, as you are slowly beginning to gain mastery over your body. You can take off your socks by rubbing your feet together, which has earned you the name "sockless wonder". If we place you in a seated position, you can hold yourself up with your arms--I call it your "gorilla sit" because you do look quite like a gorilla. You're able to reach out and grab things with an 85% accuracy rate--which makes drinking out of a glass around you challenging. I've taken to using a straw, placing the glass on a counter, holding you on the opposite hip and leeeeeaning in to drink. Antelopes near croc-infested waters don't have to go through this much trouble. You're also starting to regulate your schedule and you've become fairly reliable: morning nap, midday naplet, afternoon nap. Your naps are 2-2 1/2 hours each and your naplet is half an hour to 45 minutes.
Today we went to the doctor for your 4 month check up and vaccinations. You're 15 pounds and 3 ounces--you officially weigh more than the cats (individually, not combined). Good job!
The pediatrician said that we could start you on rice cereal...so we did. And boy are you a fan! I'm not sure if it's the cereal, eating with a spoon, or just the new experience but you were lunging for that spoon like your life depended on it. I wasn't sure that you would be ready for it, but you've proven me wrong.
You've also displayed a crow-like affinity for shiny things: zippers, brass switch plates, jewelry. And you love to look in the mirror--at yourself, at us, at Lunchbox (who also enjoys the mirror).
The cats fascinate you. About 2 weeks ago we were all hanging out in the kitchen, you were in your dad's arms, and Jack came trotting through and you just laughed and laughed. If a cat walks through the room, you'll stop what you're doing and maneuver your body so you can watch the cat until it vanishes from your line of sight. I've taken this and turned it into a game called "let's follow Lunchbox"--it's played by following Lunchbox around the house until she stops walking, sits, and stares at us. I don't think she's as amused by it as you are.
My favorite thing is your smile when you see me--I'd do just about anything to see that smile... Lucky for me all it takes is to kiss those sweet kissable cheeks of yours.
I can't wait to see what you do next!
P.S.-- Sorry if this seems scatterbrained--you kept me up most of last night with your fussing (you were gassy). I tend to become unfocused with a lack of sleep.

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