Saturday, February 04, 2006

Adrian's stats

We went to the doctor on Thursday, where Adrian received two vaccinations and a bucketful of terror.

We walk into the waiting room, sign in. There are 4 other children in the room, all boys, all older than Adrian. He's alternately fascinated and clinging to my leg for dear life. He seems fine, but unsure of himself around children.

Then we go into the exam room.

He looks around and his bottom lip starts to quiver a little bit. As soon as I begin to take off his clothes, he starts to cry. Real honest-to-god tears. He cries every time the nurse or the doctor look at him, let alone touch him. He was clinging so tightly to me that had he been able to hide under my clothing I have no doubt he would have.
But it was all over in 30 minutes, and this is what we have to report:
Height: 29 5/8"
Weight: 23 pounds.
Which puts him in the 25% for his age group.
I'm not too worried about the fact that he's "below average" for his size because he's right where he should be as far as his cognitive & motor skills are concerned.
To quote his Grandpa: he's small, but mighty!


Matt said...

Hi! Nes linked you so I found you fair and square. I'm not a chick but if I can ever make it to visit I promise we'll go see chick flicks and talk about heath's hot-ass cheek bones until you can't stand it.

Nessa said...

hah, i did link you! Sorry...

But ditto to what he said. Apart from the "I'm not a chick" because I am. Right.