Thursday, February 16, 2006

The rash that would not die

Adrian has been suffering, off and on, from a rash in his diaper area since...July? And every time we'd point it out to a doctor they'd shrug and give us a prescription for some topical ointment. But after much sleuthing and close observation of the stubborn evil rash we came to the cause: milk. And milk products.
My son's body is vehemently opposed to any foodstuffs that originated from a cow's teat.
Do you know how much crap (that is to say food) contains milk these days? Forget the big, obvious, easy things like biscuits (butter), pancakes (milk and butter), cake (milk). I'm talking about things like...Original flavor Goldfish crackers. Ramen Noodles. Golden Grahams cereal.
I am now a box-reader. I have found myself sneaking off to the pantry in anticipation of meal times, furtively reading the ingredient listings on the side of boxes, trying to puzzle out what is safe and what is going to give Adrian 3 days of painful diaper-bum, which may or may not turn into open sores.
I have discovered that you can make pancakes with rice milk, and that fakey-butter-in-a-tub stuff is actually useful (although the idea of butter-by-science still grosses me out). I'm still looking for good tasting not-cheese, and I'm wondering if I could substitute kefir (made from camel's milk) for yogurt.

It's like having to do a grade-school science project with real-life implications. With more stress and no fancy blue ribbon at the end of it all.

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Anonymous said...

You think that's bad. I'm allergic to soy. That's in everything that doesn't contain dairy and some stuff that does.

In good news, food sensitivities at this young age are often grown out of by three.