Thursday, February 09, 2006

Five days later

Adrian has been Captain Cranky Pants for the past 4 out of 5 days and I gotta tell you I'm not loving it.
I think it's no small coincidence that he's started saying Mama as well. See how I can't sell him to the gypsies now that he can tell authorities that I belong to him?
It also seems as though he's ready to give this whole talking thing a go. He's now repeating about 50% of what he hears, and whatever he doesn't get/can't say is replaced by babbling in the same cadence. You should hear him narrate A Close Shave (one of the Wallace and Gromit shorts):
Adrian: tuck (translation: truck)
A: wuuf (dog)
A: baa (sheep)
A: tuck (truck)
A: wuuf (dog)
A: (sign language for sleeping) (Wallace asleep)
A: tuck bye-bye (truck bye-bye)

The whole freaking movie gets commentary, interspersed with "'at?" (What's that?). It's pretty entertaining. His new favorite movie is now Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...up until the kids actually get to Hogwarts, and then he wants to watch something else. He also enjoys the trailers that precede the movie Shark's Tale, but has no interest in the actual film.

He has grasped the concept of 'please' as well. After every request we get the sign language for 'please', and if we say no he gives us 'please' more adamantly. And occasionally, he'll tell us please while standing in the middle of the kitchen and then we have to figure out what he wants. Cheerios? Mighty Bites? Grahams? Flashlight? To look out the window?
It's like charades with a circus monkey.

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Nessa said...

hahaha! Sandy's other godson says, "Is it?" all the time while holding objects or pointing at things. Obviously Conor has a deep and questioning philosophical nature...but one must wonder. Is it WHAT? Is it red? Is it flammable? Is it a small dog wearing a tutu? There's no way to tell what it is he's questioning. We usually just tell him "Yeeees..." and hope he lets it go. I'm also hoping that he's not asking something like, "Is it the answer to life?" or "Is it homosexual?"